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Semi-shameless plug warning! Since joining KRTV a few weeks ago, I’ve discovered a few things about the KRTV website that I hadn’t seen before…here’s a look at some of the things that you might not have noticed:

– When one of the reporters says to look under “News Links” on the site for a link mentioned during the newscast, this is what they mean.
– Did you know that there are four contests happening right now? There’s The Cutest Kid (as featured on the Montana This Morning blog), Pro Football, Montana Griz, and MSU Bobcats “pickem” contests.
– And speaking of KRTV blogs…right now there are two – the Morning blog, and Jake’s Sports blog. They’re both using Blogger, but I have some ideas about integrating and expanding the KRTV blog section under one roof. Stay tuned.
– The “Latest & Greatest” section is kind of cool; it’s basically web commercials featuring some of KRTV’s sponsors, but done in a very relaxed manner – most of them featuring Art Taft, who is one of the true characters at the station (and I mean that in a good way)!
– And there’s a page for RSS feeds, too…not the most polished feature, admittedly, but I’ll get cracking on it soon – promise.

In other news, I hope some of you have noticed my touch (more links, smoother reading, ratings and comments enabled) on some of the news stories recently: Rachel’s Challenge, Eagle Mount theft, and Atlatl contest.

So there you have it. Progress is being made. If you have any suggestions or complaints, let me know – seriously.


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