“First Snow” Contest

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WHEEEEE! Didja feel that cold (well, cool at least) front come through Great Falls at about 10:45 pm on Tuesday night? Wind started gusting, temps dropped by about 10 or 15 degrees – yay!

Which reminds me: any bets on when we will get our first snow of the season? In fact, let’s make it a contest: on what day will Great Falls receive at least one inch of snow, as measured and reported by the National Weather Service? If you can think of a better way to determine a winner, let me know. Me, I’m gonna stake my claim on…October 15. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking. And I am not eligible for the prize, anyway.

Another rule, taken from a familiar game show: whoever is closest to the actual date of the snow without going over will be the winner. For instance: Terry guesses November 7, and Chris guesses November 9. The first one-inch snow occurs on November 8. Terry will win, because Chris went “over” the actual date.

Leave a comment with your best guess: the date of the first one-inch (or greater) snowfall in Great Falls of the season. Meantime, I’ll rummage around in the Prize Closet to see what the winner will get.



  1. I consulted two gypsies, a soothsayer, and an astrologist. Then I looked at a crystal ball, then an 8-ball… twice. (The first answer was bogus. But the second one was real.) Then I threw some chicken bones on the floor and read my own palm. I’m going with October 14th. The day the sound barrier was broken, Eisenhower was born, the Battle of Hastings, and the day the HMS Ark Royal was sank off the coast of Indonesia.

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