Esposito ’08

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You know that it’s rare for me to address topics not directly related to Great Falls here…but amid all of the hoopla surrounding the McCain/Palin versus Obama/Biden presidential race, don’t forget that there are indeed other candidates. Here’s one to watch: Senator Brad Esposito. Obviously, he’s a long-shot candidate, but as Americans we owe it to ourselves to hear his stance on the issues before finally settling on a candidate. Here are some of Senator Esposito’s strong stands on the tough problems facing our nation:

Brad would also finally grant extra votes to transgendered individuals to more accurately reflect both sides of their sexual identities.
Brad promises to repeal the Republican Tax Cuts and institute his signature creation – the Democratic Tax Enhancement Program – with special tax-credits for middle-class families, members of the liberal media, and closeted homosexuals.

Now don’t take this blog entry as an endorsement; it’s not my place to formally endorse any candidate here. But it IS my place to try to keep readers informed, particularly about important civics issues. So take a few minutes to learn more about Senator Brad Esposito. Do it for America.


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