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Got an e-mail from Katherine promoting the movie “Reborn” by GF local Gerald Bickel:

HEY DAVE and everyone….don’t miss the upcoming home grown feature film entitled REBORN by our very own film maker Gerald Bickel. He is the creator of last years LOBBY BAR GHOST and this years LOBBY BAR GHOST II.
Tickets for the feature film REBORN are on sale now at the Mansfield box office. Proceeds will benefit a little Great Falls girl, Stormy Kolstad who suffers with a heart condition. Check out the trailer at Reborn-Bickel then buy your ticket before they are sold out.

The Reborn site is pretty wonky, unfortunately, so brace yourself for possible browser and/or computer freeze. Here’s a quick summary of the movie: The movie is about Danny (Gerald Bickel) who lives a restless, alcoholic life until his life is transformed by an angelic being named Troy (Sonny Schlecht). Tickets available at the Mansfield site; showtime is September 20.


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