Right Montana

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If you’re a right-of-center person – who in 2008 might be called Conservative, Republican, Libertarian, Paleocon (or should that be Palin-ocon now?), Neocon, Independent – and you want to start blogging, check this out: Right Montana! It’s built and maintained by Montanans, and it’s a free, push-button simple blogging site where anyone can sign up and begin blogging literally within minutes. It’s based on the WordPress platform, just like GreaterFalls, and did I mention that it’s free? And there are dozens of Themes (templates) to choose from, with lots of options to customize your blog.
So if you’re Right and want to tell the world what you think about Life, The Universe, and Campaign 2008 (and beyond), head on over to Right Montana and start blogging!


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