Retro: Sip-n-Dip

This is awesome: there’s a thread in the Tiki Central Forums about our world-famous Sip-n-Dip, and there’s some great pictures. The thread was started in February 2003 with this question:

Has anyone every actually been to the Sip n’ Dip, in Great Falls, Montana? I was tipped off to this Tiki Bar about 5 years ago, and listed it on the Tiki Bar Review pages. I have done some research in the past few years, and cannot even find and address or phone number for it, let alone any further indiciation as to the level of Tiki present. Has anyone out there actually seen it with their own eyes???

And then came testimonies – and lots of pictures, many of them supplied by Sweet Tiki Daddy of Swankola. Many of the pictures are things that we Great Falls folks have seen (or could see anytime we visit), but this picture of the exterior of the O’Haire Motor Inn – from the cover of tourism magazine years ago – is a view that I have never seen, and it’s awesome:

Sip & Dip at the O'Haire Motor Inn in Great Falls, Montana!

Hooray for the Sip-n-Dip! And kudos to the crew at Tiki Central Forums for keeping the legend alive!

More Sip-n-Dip articles here!

Happy Birthday, Great Falls!

Great Falls turns 124! Well, I guess it depends on how we’re counting. It was on September 30, 1884 that our founding father, Paris Gibson, filed the town site plat to create Great Falls. Officially, we weren’t formally incorporated until 1888…but to my way of thinking, that’s not a problem: Great Falls simply gets to celebrate two birthdays! So today, on the occasion of Great Falls’ 124th birthday, best wishes to everyone who makes this such a wonderful place to live, and to all who have gone before in creating our fair community!

And thankfully, with our wind, I don’t think the city of Great Falls will have any trouble blowing out all 124 candles! Gee…I wonder what Great Falls wants for her birthday? A southern arterial? A coal plant? East-end development? Heh.

But seriously…how about if we all just pick up at least one piece of trash, or return one grocery cart from the parking lot at the store, or hold the door open for someone today? You know – let’s make Great Falls’ birthday a neighborly thing!

Legal Help

A good article at the Trib about the Cascade County Law Clinic:

For those people needing assistance with family law matters, there is the Cascade County Law Clinic, a place where people with certain income restrictions can receive free legal help. “We are in a position to provide information to people who would not have known otherwise what to do,” said Andrea Walsh Dowell, the clinic’s lone paralegal and office coordinator.

More relevant information:

Cascade County Law Clinic will be hosting a free Will Clinic for working families on Oct. 21st and Oct. 23rd from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., at Consumer Credit Counseling Services office, 2022 Central Ave., to help families draft wills at no cost. The Cascade County Law Clinic is open Monday through Thursday. It is located at 401 3rd Ave. N. in the lower level. Call 452-6269 for more information.

Good stuff.

Missoula: There & Back

Had to make a quick trip to Missoula a few days ago on behalf of my new employer…good trip, got to meet some of the crew at KPAX and see their facilities (waves to Mark, James, etc). Had a delicious pizza at The Fat Cat, saw many pedestrians and bikers (and did see that Missoula does indeed have parking meters), and TONS of Griz signs and posters.

Here’s a gratuitous shot of the Square Butte south of Great Falls.
square butte south of GF

I took the “long” way to get to Missoula – down to Helena and then across MacDonald Pass, and saw some beautiful snow-capped mountains.
beautiful mountains topped with snow!

And coming home, I took the more direct route, through Lincoln and Simms (near where the bear was caught!).

I’m not sure which way is better: through Helena, or through Lincoln. They both have amazing scenery. and the time difference isn’t enough to really make a difference. I’m glad I took both routes.

Which way do you prefer when you head over to Missoula?

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