Two Words: WIND. CHILL.

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Checking out the Weather Channel a few minutes ago and noticed this: “Wind Chill 38” Let me repeat: we have a WIND CHILL in Great Falls. On August 31st. WOOHOO! And although we’re not likely to see any snow here in town, it’s not out of the question at the higher elevations this week:

Chilly Weather in Early September!

I know that snow in August wasn’t likely, but remember, it hasn’t even been two months since our last snowfall!

UPDATE: got an e-mail from Stacey — “It has stopped snowing here for the moment, but out at the Dearborn exit, this morning I woke up to snow falling.”


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  1. David,

    Some of us aren’t ready for the snow!!! Don’t wish it upon us just yet. 🙂 Snow = terrible driving conditions in the missile field.

    Although I am looking forward to some snowboarding this season.

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