Bottle Cap Beads

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Stopped by High Strung Beads on Central Avenue today and saw these interesting “bottle cap beads.”

Bottle Cap Beads! | Bottle Cap Beads

UPDATE: here’s some bottle cap bead necklaces for sale.



  1. Abigail with the gravy pipe on

    Did you buy all those, or did the nice lady let you line them up on the counter? (Is this a cry for help? Do you miss your regiment/the order that the military brought to your life?) *grin*

  2. My daughter loves crafts and has been making bottle cap crafts for a long time. Now she has seen these bottle cap beads and wants to make them. I know they are soldered together but how do you get the beads shaped like that. Does the heat from the solder do it? I know you probably don’t want to share your secrets but since we already make these types of crafts, she just wants to make them for herself. Thanks, Beth

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