Job Update

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What a great first week at my new job! The folks at KRTV (reporters, techs, admin) have been awesome – friendly, helpful, and sincere – thanks, gang! I’ve spent most of the time playing “under the hood” of the content-management system used by all of the Montana’s News Station-branded sites; the rest of the time has been spent watching how the news is “made” and adjusting to the culture and jargon of the news biz (vo-sot-vo, rundown, etc)…

Although you haven’t noticed any major changes at the site yet, you might have noticed that a few stories now have blog-like features: comments and ratings. Anyone can “rate” stories using the stars at the bottom of the stories, and to leave comments you just have to register here.

ALSO: doing a little testing — tell me which of the following headlines you are more likely to click on:

Great Falls library promotion starting
GF library card yields discounts, freebies

UPDATE: woohoo! My first posted news article!



  1. I think: “GF library card yields discounts, freebies” is a better link…you can talk about the library promotion in the text of the article.

    Just my thoughts….

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