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old MMC logoOne of my favorite local companies – the Manly Man Candle Company – is offering a $100 prize to whoever can design the Most Manliest Logo for the company. The old logo features a raging bull, which is certainly Manly, but perhaps doesn’t tell the whole story. So they’re turning it over to you – the true experts on what a Manly Man Candle is all about – to create a logo that sums it all up. The rules:

1. Your picture must positively drip with manliness. If your logo or drawing is so manly that my computer grows hair when the image comes up you’re in the running.
2. It should not be pornographic. Remember, I’m married to a Southern girl.
3. No rules on materials or style. You want to do it in crayon? Great. You want to use Illustrator? Great. You want to use your own blood? Okay, that’s weird, but who am I to stifle your creativity?

Great idea – harnessing the power of the hive mind to come up with a new logo. Cash prize and some notoriety for the winner – cool! Go visit the site and submit your best idea. Heck, maybe I’ll take a crack at it…just have to find my Crayola 64-crayon (with sharpener!) box.


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