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– A new ad posted: Antique Piano $450.00, Hoyer lifts $400 & $500, 6ft. formal all glass table – stunning! Cool.

– Most GF folks are excited about Mike Zadick making it to the Olympics, but he is also a “favorite son” of the folks in Iowa!

– Don’t forget: Alive @ Five only has two more events on tap; this week’s music is from the Steve Keller band at Central Avenue & 3rd Street.

– An update from Peggy Beltrone on the Wind Power Workshop:

Many thanks to all who helped organize and promote last night’s Cascade County Small Wind Workshop. 150 people turned out on a beautiful August evening to learn about wind energy opportunities. We had excellent media coverage and strategic targeting of folks from list serves and blogs that spurred attendance from throughout Northcentral Montana. Last night we publicly acknowledged the efforts of Cascade County interns Steffen Thie and Maddie Krezowski as we unveiled one of their summer projects, Please visit the website, sign our guestbook, and let these talented university students know what you think.

I’m all in favor of wind power; wind farms look cool. Good thing we have lots of supply here!

– And let’s wrap up with some local blog hits: Andrea is going to jail – only YOU can help bail her out. Ray saw a bumper sticker that he heartily agrees with! And The Other Dave had a visit from a political activist recently, and offers some thoughts about politics in general.


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