Taking A Break

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Watched three squirrels playing in the backyard yesterday – eyeing each other, giving chase, pausing to nibble, then more chasing up & down the trees and around the yard – and at one point this little fella just sorta plopped down on a branch, let his arms (paws?) hang down, and even closed his eyes for a few seconds…the other squirrels just wore him out!

Relaxed Squirrel
(click for larger pic)



  1. Jacqueline Sherman on

    Your dad just said: That must be the PAWS that refreshes. But don’t act SQUIRELLY, or go NUTS over this situation. And certainly don’t get HUNG-UP by it.
    Jacqui, Howard’s long suffering wife (well, only 18 years and 6 days to date-but who is counting anyway?

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