Retro: Westgate Mall 1986

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I get a surprising number of visitors looking for information about Westgate Mall; here’s a little trip down memory lane for folks who remember Westgate Mall the way it was back in 1986:

Westgate Mall 1986

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  1. Gosh, I wish they would tear West Gate down and improve that shopping district. At least put some landscaping. It is definitely a prime spot in our town; it is sad that West Gate is there.

  2. The Cruise “R” Lose event, which for the Westgate Mall location is sponsored by It’l Do Bar, will be held Friday night, August 20th. The Cruise “R” Lose Summer Run has $1750 Prize Money. The radio station 107.3 will also have a remote in the Westgate Mall Parking lot. The corporate sponsors for the Cruise “R” Lose Summer Run is Fords Drive In and Fritz’s Auto Repair.

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