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And I mean that, almost literally. Most of you know that I recently retired from the Air Force as a healthcare administrator, and then was working as a civilian employee in much the same capacity. But after 21 years of military healthcare, I was ready for a change – something more enjoyable and in tune with my true passions.

And you all know what really excites me: Great Falls (and Montana), blogging & other web stuff, and news & current events. So I am very excited to announce that I have been hired as the Web Producer at KRTV! This just might be my dream job: it integrates so much of what I love to do.

If you’re not sure what a “web producer” does, here’s a snippet of similar job descriptions: promotes interactivity and engages a web audience; enhance online news experiences through video, photo galleries, headlines, captions, stories, sports scores and much more; strong attention to detail, style, spelling and grammar. A friend of mine said that the only way they could have tailored this position more directly to me would be including the phrase “Must love beef” in the description – heh. So on August 25, I will begin my new role as a member of the “mainstream media!”

And I’d like to thank you guys – everyone who visits the site and comments and links to me and otherwise makes this so much fun. Seriously. Visiting surely helped the KRTV crew understand my abilities and interests, and seeing how this whole “blogging” intarwebs thingy works helped to convince them that I was the right guy for the job.

And don’t worry: isn’t going to disappear – I’ll still be posting way too many pictures of geese, proclaiming my love of snow at every chance, and promoting the community that I love!



  1. Congrats, David! It’s great that KRTV recognizes both the need for developing their online interaction with viewers, and that you are just the man to help them achieve it.

  2. Well, at least you got hired at KRTV. When I sent my resume there some 22 years ago (after graduating from Northern Arizona University with a B.S. in Broadcast Communications), all I got was a polite “Go P*** Up A Rope” letter. (I sent resumes to just about every TV and Radio Station in the Western U.S., and got no takers. I still have all the rejection letters — it’s nice to know I have no bitterness. 😉 )

    Best of luck, anyway. I’m sure you’ll do very well.

  3. First, it better not affect GreaterFalls! Second, I look forward to watching you explore the transition from the ‘old’ media to the ‘new’ media.

  4. *grin* – WOOHOO! Bobby told me on Friday, and I was wondering when you’d announce it to the world. Way to go Dave!

  5. For someone with your talent, heart, ability, and
    determination, you are sure to be a big success at your new job.

    Congratulations and Good Luck … it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

  6. Abigail with the gravy pipe on


    A new job, very exciting! Also potentially terrifying, what with worrying about who you’re gonna eat lunch with and what you’re gonna wear and if you can wear your new high tops and not have to worry about them getting stolen. No… wait… let me adjust my watch.

    So what’re gonna do with your week off?

  7. Congrats, David! I was very excited to hear of your hire…you know I’m a fan of the blog and it’ll be great to have you in the newsroom!

  8. Much congratulations to you! I like the role, it sounds like it certainly will not be dull. How could it be with someone like you filling it!

    Keep us posted

  9. Congratulations! I hope Bob and I get dream jobs after the AF. I think anyone who can serve 20 years in what this AF has become deserves their dream job!!

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