Retro: TV Listings

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More Retro goodness: here’s the KRTV schedule for December 12, 1962, from the Great Falls Tribune. Any shows look familiar…?

TV program listings for Great Falls, December, 1962

Click the pic to see the complete page, including the other TV stations. And yes, this is the same edition of the Trib where I found the ad for the Murphy-Maclay hardware store.

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  1. Abigail with the gravy pipe on

    Wow, I *do* remember the names of many of those shows. The whole thing brings back memories of men in tapered suits and women in capri pants and severe hairstyles eating dinner at awful nuclear-patterned vinyl and formica dinette sets in tiny apartments with poorly upholstered sofas and stereos-as-furniture taking up half the wall.


    I have no fond memories of anything before 1980.

    Can you pull up the *November* 12, 1962 page?

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