Road Closed

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Road Closed!
Enjoying some coffee at Morning Light this afternoon. 2nd Avenue North at 9th Street is closed. There are several signs – some small, some large – stating ROAD CLOSED, and there is a big sign stating ROAD CLOSED TO THROUGH TRAFFIC as you cross 1st Avenue North. In the picture above, you can see the sign posted at 2nd Ave North; pretty obvious, right?

Parked near one of the signs at 2nd was a dark blue Jeep; probably belongs to one of the construction guys. I was amazed at how this parked vehicle confused so many people. Over the course of nearly two hours, no fewer than a dozen vehicles drove up behind the Jeep, waiting for the “light” to change. A few people kept inching closer to the Jeep, apparently waiting for it to move. At least two people actually honked their horns at the Jeep, impatient at the lack of progress. Eventually, each of these drivers realized that no progress was possible, and turned around and drove off in a proverbial huff.



  1. We see a lot of these signs around here in AZ this time of year. Usually near a normally dry wash after a monsoon thunderstorm (since the dry wash is now a raging river). A lot of yahoos think they can make it across (“the water isn’t THAT deep”), and find that the current is strong enough to push them off the road entirely, and they’ll need the assistance of the local fire and police departments to escape with their lives.

    Because there were so many if these incidences, the state legislature passed a law several years ago, making these folks liable for the costs incurred in saving them from themselves (if you go around a marked sign stating that the road is closed because of flooding, and the police and fire folks have to pluck you off of the roof of your quickly sinking SUV, you will receive a sizable bill in the mail, posthaste). It is known around these parts as the “Stupid Motorist Law,” although that sobriquet could apply to just about everybody behind the wheel around these parts. (There isn’t a day where somebody doesn’t do something that makes me want to scream, “One and one half million LEARNERS’ PERMITS!!!”)

  2. Everybody, just slow down and relax. The fatality on 3rd Avenue North and 10th Street recently should be a wake up call to all of us.

    Drivers are barreling down 3rd Avenue North like it was a speedway. It isn’t, and people living on that street are getting pretty upset at driver’s inconsiderate behavior.

    Also, you are only allowed to go 15 MPH in an alley. If you think you can shave off some time by racing down the alley between 1st Ave N and 2nd Ave N (or the alley between 2nd and 3rd), you are just asking for an accident.

    Drivers, please slow down!

  3. With all the road construction, it might give citizens of Great Falls a reason to use alternate transportation. I wish the city would implement an extensive bike system, with paths along the streets like most cities have.

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