Bosco’s Coming to Great Falls?

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The Trib is reporting that Great Falls may soon have a Bosco’s, a small chain that I’ve never heard of until now. The focus is on beer, although there is also food; from the Bosco’s site:

Boscos is a warm, inviting, first-class restaurant with locations in Memphis, Nashville, and Cool Springs, TN; and in Little Rock, AR. Each restaurant’s menu includes a variety of appetizers, salads, entrees or gourmet pizzas, baked in our brick oven. Signature items include fresh salmon baked on a cedar plank in Boscos brick oven, delicious double-cut pork chop, and a prime cut of steak cooked to perfection…Boscos has a beer to match everyone’s tastes and to compliment every delicious dish.

I’m not sure such a place would fare too well here in Great Falls; Montanans are fiercely proud of their own local homebrews, and in terms of food, it doesn’t look like Bosco’s offers anything that we don’t already have (Boston’s, Chili’s, Tony Roma’s, etc). Good luck to ’em if they come here, though.



  1. This sounds odd to me.

    “Billboards just outside Great Falls are announcing a new restaurant coming to Great Falls in 2009.
    Boscos officials did not comment on the deal because it isn’t finalized.”

    Why would they have billboards up if the company doesn’t want to comment because the deal isn’t finalized?

  2. I saw a BOSCOS billboard said coming soon. It was on the highway when we were coming back to town from Fort Benton.

  3. I am from Memphis and Bosco’s had two locations there, for nearly 20 years. (A biochemistry professor of mine helped with their brewing yeast). The beer was great, and so was the food. I was glad to see that billboard but obviously they don’t seem to be opening anything so far. Believe me, this would be the best restaurant in town if they opened. Frankly, I never believed they’d open a franchise here so far from their home base in Tennessee. They only have about 3 locations now, even in Tennessee.

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