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A friendly reminder that the folks at Pulse will host “Fridays @ Five” at Machinery Row tonight.

Where: Machinery Row (202 2nd Avenue South)
When: 5:00 PM – ???
What: with no agenda other than providing a forum for interaction and good times, Friday @ Five will be the hub for Great Falls’ younger workforce to unite for some good drinks and good conversation.
Fridays @ Five will be held every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month at Machinery Row

Also: if you’re interested in helping out with the Harvest Thunder Triathlon on Sunday, it’s not too late to sign up!

From the blogs: Our newest blogger, Epicuria, has posted a “no-holds barred” review of the Pita Pit. Yes, it’s harsh, but if I was the manager of the Pita Pit – and read local blogs so that I knew about stuff like this – I would take this as an “opportunity to excel.” Call the staff together, read the review, re-commit to high standards, implement new procedures, etc, and then invite Epicuria back for a free meal to show off the improvements. My two cents. In non-food news, GeeGuy continues with Part 6 in his mountain-climbing adventure. The other Dave offers some helpful tips for new-ish parents. See what all of the other Great Falls bloggers are up to by heading over to the GF blogroll!


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