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Some of you already know about Twitter (previous entry here); it’s a “micro-blogging” service that allows you to post to the web very brief messages about what you are doing, reading, watching, hearing, etc. Basically, it’s like text messaging, only you send the text to Twitter instead of to your friend. Here’s the official GreaterFalls Twitter page.

And I just got notified that the Great Falls Tribune is now officially twittering; I received a notification that gftrib is following me on Twitter, which simply means that they have “friended” me (in the Facebook sense) and are now alerted to my “twits.” What’s cool about this is that the Tribune is taking advantage of this social tool; they are now “twittering” their news stories. Very cool.

in the comments, Ray reminded me that I set up a GreaterFalls Tumblr page many moons ago…and then sort of forgot about it. But it’s still there, with a fresh entry from today’s travels (the new Bar-S!), and a new feature: you can post a brief message or picture to the GreaterFalls Tumblr page! To post something, just send a text-message to 2m2b5srx AT and it should be posted within a few minutes. But please – keep it clean, spam-free, and relevant to Great Falls.



  1. It’s cool to see more Montana folks and now businesses see the value in web 2.0, social networking and new media.

    Now if only we could all get together to plot and scheme… good things could come out of it. đŸ˜‰

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