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Some follow-ups to recent entries here at first, the “Breaking Dawn” midnight release party was a huge success across the nation; wouldja believe that one of the pix that I took at the Great Falls’ party has been viewed over 700 times already? Turns out that the book series is waaaay more popular than I realized. Have you (or your kids) read any of them?
The “Piano Jack” entry has been updated with a video clip and some info from the Trib about purchasing Jack’s music.
I added a “Want To Buy” category to the Classified Ads page; if you’re in the market for something specific, can’t hurt to post a free ad and see if you get any nibbles on your line.
I’m sure you remember Chad and his fiancee were planning a visit to Great Falls a few weeks ago. Here’s his update:

Hi Dave,
I just wanted to give you a quick follow up as to how our Great Falls adventure turned out. Everything went great and while my girlfriend wasn’t as ready as I am to move down there (we took a look at homes and found out your house prices are half of what an average home costs up here) we had a blast. Did lots of shopping (glad to see more retail stores popped up since I was down) and saw the sights. We jumped on the historic trolley tour and got a great and informative trip around Great Falls. We also visited the State Fair and took in all the great sights. All in all it was a great trip and we didn’t have nearly enough time to take in all the suggestions your readers sent. Thanks and we will be back again soon. /Chad

And let’s finish off with a brief movie review: I finally went to see “The Dark Knight” – and when I left the theatre nearly three hours later, I was exhausted. Every time I thought that it had reached a climax and would finally let me relax, it kept ratcheting up the tension and drama. This movie does not let up. The usual cast was great: Bale, Caine, Freeman, Oldman all turned in great performances, and only a cynic would note that Lucius Fox is arguably a Democrat. Heh. The two newcomers to the series, Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart, were flawless; Ledger’s turn as The Joker lived up to the hype, believe it or not. Go see this movie.
ALSO: ever dreamed of having your very own Batmobile? Granted, it’s not THE Batmobile, but the 2008 version is pretty cool, too.


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