Park-n-Ponder Update

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If any of you missed the entry about the Lobster Bisque at the Park-n-Ponder from a while back, be sure to read it. The original blog entry, from Blackjack, is gone, but my snippet adequately captures his opinion. High praise, indeed.
And speaking of the Park-n-Ponder, I have it on reliable authority that they will soon be serving dinner on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Looking forward to it.
Oh, and by the way: we spotted some ducklings at Gibson Pond last week. Dang, but they are cute. Never saw baby ducks in Great Falls until now. Baby geese, sure – gotta love ’em. But why so few baby ducks that I only saw some last week, after more than six years here? Another question: which is cuter, ducklings or goslings?


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