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Flipping through a local magazine the other day and noticed some errors…words spelled incorrectly, missing letters, doubles, and such…click here to see some of what I found. Don’t let this happen to you or your business!

Any guesses about which magazine I found them in…?

UPDATE: as pointed out in the comments below, the spelling of CHOUTEAU in the ad IS correct; what threw me was that at the top of the page in the magazine was an ad for the CHOTEAU COUNTY FAIR; here’s a scan of the top of the page:

Choteau County Fair?

So I knew that one of the two was wrong, but forgot to fact-check before I posted it — thanks for pointing out the error, Jocko & ZenPanda!



  1. Fort Benton is the county seat of Chouteau County.

    Choteau is the county seat of Teton County.

    “Chouteau County” is correct.

  2. Same holds true with Ravalli, which, incidently, isn’t anywhere near Ravalli County.

    And here’s jus a bit of a twist …
    You might also find a Jocko Road in Ravalli.

    Looks like a, “Win” “Win”, for Jocko today.

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