“Breaking Dawn” Release Party

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I had noticed the sign at Hastings on 10th Avenue South promoting the midnight “Vampire Prom” party, but figured it was some sort of video game release. Breaking Dawn Midnight Release PartyBut we happened to stop by tonight to do some browsing and noticed the cafe portion being decorated in what I think would be considered “goth” design. Employees were dressed up, too, and as the clock approached nine o’clock, more & more people drifted in to Hastings wearing “gothy” clothes & garb. I asked a staffer and was informed that the midnight release party was in honor of the release of the fourth book in Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” series titled “Breaking Dawn”; apparently this is the current beneficiary of the Harry Potter-induced wave of bestselling magical books:

Meyer’s first novel, Twilight, was published in October of 2005. Breaking Dawn Midnight Release PartyBy November, Twilight had reached #5 on the New York Times Best Seller list for young adult chapter books. Meyer soon published the sequel to Twilight, New Moon, in August 2006. In its first week of release, it debuted at the number 5 position on the New York Times Best Seller List for Children’s Chapter Books. Fans express themselves in other ways: “[They] dress up like her characters. They write their own stories about them and post their tales on the Internet. When she appears at a bookstore, 3,000 people go to meet her. There are even Twilight-themed rock bands.”

Everybody that we saw seemed pretty happy, but I guess maybe I’m too old to “get” this trendy crop of magic books. Too bad we didn’t have the internet and midnight-release parties back in the early 80s for The Magic of Xanth or the Thomas Covenant series.



  1. OMG, another Piers Anthony and “White Gold Wielder” fan! I thought we were few and far between, and dying off daily!

  2. Part of me wants to read the books and the other part just remembers how excited I was to first read the Anita Blake series by LKH and then come to completely hate the character six books in.

    When I have a book release party, will you take pictures?

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