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So my daughter is taking a photography course at CMR next year and needs a digital camera. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything more than that regarding specifications. Every camera that I point out to her doesn’t seem to pass muster – she claims that it needs to be fancier, in some way, but she can’t be any more specific than that. No instructions were given out by the instructor at the end of the school year, or at least none that I know of.

So I’m asking you smart folks: do any of you have any idea what kind of digital camera the CMR class requires? How many megapixels, levels of optical zoom, attachments, etc? Any advice?



  1. I would go see the very nice guy at Public Drug…. he knows ALOT…. he is a Canon guy so keep that in mind. My son shoots with a Nikon D40 and I shoot with a Canon PowerShot S2 IS

  2. Is there any way to contact the instructor at CMR and ask him/her what they are looking for in a student camera?

    I’m sure the selection of which camera will have a lot to do with what the class will cover and what kind of photo manipulation will be done.

    BTW, what camera is your daughter lobbying for or doesn’t she have any ideas?

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