Alice Cooper @ State Fair

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The Trib has an article about Alice Cooper’s gig tomorrow at the state fair, and notes that his performance coincides with the release of his new album:

Alice Cooper will perform at the Montana State FairGreat Falls gets to enjoy one of rock’s most iconic figures during the same week his 25th album, “Along Came a Spider,” is released. It’s a concept album that features a story written front to back by Cooper about a serial killer named Spider. “(Spider’s) absolutely connected with the idea that he’s gonna be a predator the way a spider is,” Cooper said. “He picks eight victims out. The police find them wrapped in silk, there’s one leg missing because he needs eight legs to make a spider ’cause this guy’s really psychotic.”

Uh…yeah. Don’t think I’ll be listening to that. I much prefer the Alice Cooper of Madison Avenue, the one that plays his bizarre persona for kicks:

So – any of you folks plan to see Alice Cooper perform at the state fair?



  1. I saw Alice Cooper perform at Rockin the Rivers a few years back and he put on a pretty entertaining show full of pyro and gimmicks (including his twenty something daughter dressed as a sexy nurse which I couldn’t decide was either cool or creepy. I’m a fan of his older hits, but this new concept album sounds a bit frightening!

  2. Abigail with the gravy pipe on

    Wait… he has eight victims, and removes a leg from each of them because he needs 8 legs? Is he *building* a spider, or is he trying to turn himself into a spider, in which case he would only need 6 legs (and ostensibly only 6 victims)?

    I’m confused.

  3. Alice, believe it or not, is a middle-class kinda guy. He grew up here in the Phoenix area, and owns a watering hole not far from Chase Field (home of the Arizona Diamondbacks) and the USAirways Center (home of the Phoenix Suns) in the downtown area (or, at least, what passes for downtown here) called “Cooper’sTown.” He’s also addicted to golf, and has been known to play 36 holes a day (only because there wasn’t enough time to play 54 holes), and has done a Public Service commercial for ServiceArizona (a state-run website that allows you to register your car and get a duplicate driver’s license online), where he and Leslie Nielsen (who lives in Paradise Valley, Arizona) are pulled over for failing to have proper plates — on their golf cart.

  4. Abigail with the gravy pipe on

    I was in the post office today and they had a whole bunch of Frank Sinatra stuff – musical cards, address labels, framed “art”, Frankie CD gift boxes, etc. Looky here:

    (tested out the tiny URL link and it worked)

  5. i went to the state fair groungs to see alice copper and it was asome!!!!!!! but my cooler got stold and my daughter that’s handycap had her cd and it was autographed by him!!! and now i just lost the 45.00 and the cd and i’m a single mom on a tight budget it took me 3 months to save up for this and i walked away with nothing because of some a“ hole that can’t keep him or her hands off other poeple stuff! and now my daughter has nothing to show for it! signed PO’D!!!!!!!!!!

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