No Fair!

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Got the following message from someone via the handy Contact page:

No State Fair Coverage??? I’m losing faith in you. I enjoy your blog but i’m disappointed that one of the biggest events in GF gets a big goose egg from you.

Gosh, I’m sorry to disappoint. I usually try to hit some of the major events around town, but sometimes the timing just isn’t right. I’ll throw it out to my great readers, though — anyone want to share their State Fair experiences in the comments, or send me an e-mail that I can post as a guest entry?



  1. “…one of the biggest events in GF…”

    The Fair is W-E-A-K, the concerts are predictable, at best…baby artists, non-noteworthy venue…

    Dave, you do a great job…how dare someone “lose faith” only a few days into the Fair??? That person must have less of a life than me! : P

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