Chavez to Eden?

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An interesting rumor posted over at the Trib site by takeuda:

A reader called and said there are ten fancy cars tooling down Eden Road flying the Nicaraguan flag (I think he meant Venezuelan flag). He said that, apparently, Hugo Chavez, is vacationing under the Big Sky. Is it true? Do we care? You tell me. I’ll offer a free newspaper for any pictures of Hugo’s entourage, as long is it was taken in Montana.

If you’re wondering – Eden Road runs south of Great Falls, past Lower River Road. So…anyone able to confirm or deny?


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  1. Hmmm, on Beatrix Potter’s birthday, it seems as if running down rabbitholes to confirm or deny rumors like this one is appropos.

    Wouldn’t it be easy to call the Venezuelan consulate, and just ask?

    After all, Gavin Newsom just got married in the Big Sky, maybe Hugo was a guest lol.

    You know us liberals, we’ll invite anyone to a party.

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