Great Falls Tidbits

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– Did you know that Great Falls has an official Corvette fan club?
– Farrago, who once served as a “missile cop” here at Malmstrom, takes a visual stroll down memory lane, including a visit to his old worksite.
– The Happy Tummy Taxi Service is now up & running in Great Falls; you call them, place an order for meals from a local restaurant, and the folks at Happy Tummy will deliver to you. Be sure to check out the FAQ.
– The Uptown-Eastside Girl, blogging for the Seattle PI, visited Great Falls and experienced our world-famous Sip-n-Dip, the Hi-Ho, and some other unique features of Central Montana.

ALSO: don’t forget that the Obama “Platform” meeting will be held tonight at the GF library; the annual Pet & Doll Parade being held downtown this evening; and the KRTV feature on Manly Man Candles airs tonight, too.



  1. Abigail with the gravy pipe on

    It’s about time you guys got a Takeout Taxi. Their website could use a little polishing or simplifying (and I found a typo on only my fifth click; I won’t deprive you of your fun and tell you where) but it’s nice to see you guys are joining the rest of the world in being able to get food with the minimum possible energy expenditure.

    Some of their stuff seems kinda spendy, though – on a par with the $12 sammiches here on the Monterery Peninsula.

    I also found kind of funny that you get a pop-up message telling you in so many words that “if Bresnan is your ISP, you might not be able to use this website to order, you probably will have to call us”. Doesn’t *everyone* have Bresnan out there? *beat* No, I guess not; I just googled it. “Montana Internet Corporation”.. reminds me of a microbrewery or a skeevy 70’s band.

  2. Thank you for the comments above. I appreciate every opportunity to improve the way we do things here at Happy Tummy Taxi and how we are perceived throughout the community. Please feel free to email me with any additional comments. Best Regards, Richard Cronk

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