Groomer Has It

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Yeah, that’s the title of a cheesy TV show, but it applies here: the good folks over at Best Friends Animal Hospital apparently are now focused solely on pet healthcare, and no longer offer grooming services…so we tried “Dog Gone Cute” over on Smelter twice in the last two weeks, and both times, they dropped the ball. So do you have any recommendations for good, reliable groomers?



  1. So no soap-on-pup-with-waterhose solution?

    I’ve got to get out of my Southern frame of mind, lol.

    I always thought BYOD (Bathe Your Own Dog) was punny, but check out Riverview Pet Grooming.

  2. After comparing prices of the Best Friends clinic with other reputable vets I can’t believe that anyone would take their animal there. It’s not worth it to me to sit in a brand new building to pay almost twice as much for services.

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