Neighborhood Council 4

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Got an e-mail from Sandra Guynn, the chair of Neighborhood Council #4, asking that I post the following:

I was wondering if you would post the agenda for this week’s meeting? Cataract City has, but the Tribune article is only partially accurate and I would like to have as much exposure correcting it as is possible.
When: Thursday, July 24 at 6:30pm
Where: Heritage Baptist Church

Problem properties
10th Avenue North traffic study
Fire Department fire districts and budget cuts
Police Department budget cuts
Neighborhood concerns

Note: The agenda in today’s paper is only partially accurate, according to Sandra Guynn, NC#4 chair. The Disorderly Premise Ordinance will NOT be discussed. That was a part of last month’s meeting.

And if you’re wondering what Neighborhood Council district you live in, check out the City map.


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