Manly Man Candles!

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*bump to top* Back in December, I chanced upon something called “Manly Man Candles” at Snyder’s drug (oops – edit) Pizzazz. The available scents were cool — Alpine, Cedar Forest, Leather, Hunting Lodge, etc. I grabbed a cedar candle, took it home, and reveled in the aroma. It’s woodsy & piney — awesome. Once it burned down, however, I forgot where I bought it, so I went Googling and found the site at Manly Man Candle Company. I couldn’t find the Cedar Forest candle, so bookmarked it and sadly forgot to check back.
And then on Saturday as I was strolling around the wonderful Farmer’s Market downtown, I came across a booth for the Manly Man Candle Company! I couldn’t believe it – was this a local retailer horning in the action? Nope…the man behind the booth and I got into a conversation – witty repartee and sales gags – and I discovered, much to my delight, that the Manly Man Candle Company is headquartered and operated just up the road in Power! Yep – it’s a Montana biz – how cool is that?

Manly Man Candle Company

Of course I picked up a few candles and promised to pimp the biz here on; these candles are way cool, and knowing that they’re practically created in Great Falls just makes ’em even sweeter. And Brent – the owner – and his family (Paige, Mindy, and baby due soon!) have such great attitudes that it’s infectious. And another bonus: he’s got a blog (and a MySpace page and Facebook page)! Power is close enough to Great Falls to be added to the GreaterFalls blogroll, so let’s recap: we’ve got a local business making a killer product, a new blog to add to the roll, and a web-savvy & cool family to hang with.
The bottom line: go visit the Manly Man Candle Company, and tell ’em Dave sent ya!



  1. Man-scented candles are pretty cool – but a town called “Power”? That’s pretty damn cool too!

    Oh, and the anti-spam word for this post is “charlie”. How appropriate =)

  2. I think they should be called “Man-dles”, but Manly Man Candles is good too 🙂 They sound great and I plan on stopping by the Farmer’s Market to pick up a couple.

  3. Thats great!!! My brother in-law and I just started a company called Mindustries and we make “mandles” also! We only sell them at our saturday market right now. Were actually not that far either! Just over here in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho!! Guess everybody needs a little competition, I really wish you guys at Manly Man Candles the best!Feel free to email us at [email protected] anytime!

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