Tracy’s: Always Open?

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Tracy's Family Restaurant Looking for a bite to eat this evening…driving downtown…and naturally thought of Tracy’s. Parked near the curb, got out, walked to the door, reached out, pulled on the handle…and it was locked. Wait a minute, what was that? The door is locked at Tracy’s? Tracy’s is closed?! I peered in the window and saw a cook and a waitress…the waitress mouthed “We’re Closed!” to me and didn’t offer any explanation. No sign on the door to explain it either. So what’s up? Have any of you EVER encountered Tracy’s diner being closed?



  1. I vaguely recall reading that Tracy’s closes early on Sunday and Monday evenings. But, don’t quote me, my memory could be alittle foggy.

  2. I tried to go for a late night/early morning breaksfast on a Sunday/Monday and it was dark. Seems Kurt is right.

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