RIP Burger Master

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I tried Burger Master once. It was back in 2002, shortly after I arrived in Great Falls; sadly, I did not like the burger and never returned. But I know that Burger Master is beloved by Great Falls – lots of memories from folks who grew up with Flying Cheeseburgers and Green River drinks. Maybe it’s similar to Taco Treat – you have to have grown up with it to really appreciate it.
But still, it’s pretty sad to see Burger Master being closed down. The crazy long drive-thru, the logo…classic stuff. I suppose once the West-side location shut down a few months ago, it was just a matter of time, and now it’s official: tomorrow will be the last day. Any of you plan to make one last trip and grab some pix?

On a more positive note, however, our local Starbucks has escaped the corporate chopping block (full list – PDF). I figured we were safe, since we don’t suffer the over-saturation of large markets, but it’s still reassuring to know that my French Roast beans and quintuple-shot Americano will still be here.



  1. Man, I’ll miss Burger Master. Glad I made a trip there last time I was home….but still sad. I’d much rather see two or three Starbucks close than one Burger Master. At least I can still get Green Rivers!

  2. There are other Burgermasters out in Washington–different chain and not related to the one here. The ones in Washington are more like In N Out Burger. Which is why I was so disappointed the first time I ate at the one here. Wasn’t crazy about the burgers, but loved the peanut butter shake.

    That’s prime real estate, let’s hope it turns into something beneficial to 10th Avenue, instead of a payday loan place with a really long ramp…

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