Dark Knight In The Moonlight

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So…how many Batman fans in and around Great Falls attended the midnight showing of “The Dark Knight” at the Carmike? I’ll admit – I was very skeptical of the Christian Bale-headed “Batman Begins” when I first read about it; I skipped it at the theatre. But when it began showing on cable, I gave it a chance…and was absolutely amazed at how good it was. One of the few perfect movies I’ve ever seen. Bale pulled it off brilliantly. So yes, I’ll admit to being a huge fan-boy, chomping at the bit to see “The Dark Knight.” But midnight movies – for me – ended circa late 1986 with roughly 44 viewings of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”
So I’ll wait until the crowds thin out…but I will be there, within the next few weeks. In the meantime, any other fans want to relate their midnight-movie experience?


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