Citizens Wanted

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If you’d like to have a voice in making local policy, here’s your chance: the City of Great Falls has openings on several advisory boards. The City has a page detailing them:

Business Improvement District: The District oversees the functions, operations, management and administration as necessary to carry out the purposes and objectives of the District.
Electric City Power: Board members act in an advisory capacity to the City Commission on matters related to the operation of the City’s electric utility, Electric City Power, Inc.
Parking Advisory Commission: The Commission advises the City Commission, City Manager, and Community Development staff on matters related to parking issues within the Parking Districts.
Applications are available at the City Manager’s Office, Civic Center, Room 201, by calling 455-8450, or by using the online, fill-out, print, and mail/fax Board Opening Application which is available in PDF format. Application deadline is Thursday, July 24, 2008, by 5:00 p.m.

Also needing applicants are the Historic Preservation Advisory Committee and the Housing Authority Board. Hm. I certainly don’t have the expertise to serve on the ECP board, but I know a few people who do. And I suspect that the Parking Advisory Commission could use some fresh ideas.
If the City ever creates a “Blogger Advisory Board,” though, I’ll throw my hat in the ring.



  1. While I doubt writing a blog is acceptable experience for running an electric utility, I think the real question is, would the current Commission ever allow such opposing viewpoints to sit on it’s board?

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