ATV Questions

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A couple of questions about ATVs; the first is from AEMedic:

My wife and I are new in the Great Falls, MT area and we are trying to find a good place for my wife (novice) to ride her ATV. Are there any riding areas near Great Falls, aside from the one pay as you go track here in town? We would like to find something that is interesting but not too hard for her to learn on. I would like something that offers me something on my XR650R as well, but more interested in not scaring my wife off her new ATV.

The second is from Cpt PeeWee: “Looking for fellow riders in the Great Falls Montana area. Everyone rides ATVs around town here, does anyone take them off road?”
If you’ve got any suggestions, drop a comment here or over at the boards.



  1. I just checked with Lt. Allen of the Great Falls Police Department, ATV’s are legal to drive on the streets in Great Falls, so long as they are properly licensed. The reason I called is that I’ve also seen people barreling around on ATV’s particularly by the Fairgrounds, and none of them I ever saw had a license plate.

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