Restaurant Rumors

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Well, it didn’t take long for Monty’s A Taste Of The West to close before the heavy equipment moved in and began digging up the parking lot. What for? I don’t know. The building seems to be still intact – just the parking lot is being renovated, for some reason. I’ve heard rumors that IHOP (aka International House of Pancakes) will be moving in. That would be cool, and perfectly located. And come on – if Kalispell & Bozeman rate an IHOP, then so should we!

And today two people asked me if I had heard that Sonic was coming to Great Falls. I’m not a huge fan of Sonic, but everyone that I’ve talked to about it so far is pretty excited, with each person rattling off their favorite beverages that they plan to buy as soon as it opens. The rumored location: 57th Street, near Malmstrom. If we do get a Sonic, it looks like it would be the only one in Montana…but with our unique population of Malmstrom airmen from all over the country, I think it would do well. Lots of people homesick for Sonic.

So…anyone able to confirm/deny these latest restaurant rumors?



  1. I’m not sure, but I thought we already had a Sonic in Billings.

    My wife, being Texas born, absolutely loves Sonic … this would be great news for her I’m sure.

  2. The location used to be a gas station; the construction is the removal of the underground tanks. No idea why they weren’t removed when Elmer’s moved in.

    I have also heard several “confirmations” that the location will be IHOP.

  3. Why does everyone get a mile-wide grin when an IHOP moves in? In my personal experience, the IHOP leaves much to be desired with soggy bacon, tasteless waffles, and poor service. Not to mention the fact that we’re replacing a local restaurant with another chain. We have amazing places for breakfast in this town – why are we salivating over a mass-produced, over-priced meal from an out-of-state chain?

  4. My mile-wide grin is on my face. I have always had a good experience at I-HOP. I’m thrilled this restaurant is coming. Love those lingonberry crepes. And I live on that side of town, so the restaurant is close.

  5. TIM: you’re on, my friend! Breakfast on me when IHOP opens!

    ADAM: relax, dude…it’s all good! We have room for both local AND chains here in Great Falls! It’s great to have CHOICES!

    AARON: thanks for the intel — didn’t know it used to be a gas station!

  6. Can’t wait until the IHOP opens!!! I really like that restaurant and will be happy to have another great breakfast (and other stuff) place in town!

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