PetCo Jobs Open

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There are a few job openings at PetCo in the Marketplace, including General Manager. I’m sure that most people automatically assume that animal-lovers are naturals for such a job, but it takes more than just “loving” animals; in other words, this isn’t necessarily a job for the kid who grew up wanting to be a veterinarian or bringing home every stray in town…
Here’s an abbreviated job description from the PetCo website:

PETCO has an opportunity for a General Manager. Duties and responsibilities of this position include:
• Management of associates to include recruiting, reviewing job applications and interviewing job applicants
• Ensuring the proper healthcare, appearance and maintenance of companion animals
• Marketing the store and its products, oversee planning of in-store and community events, such as adoptions, school visits and other local promotions, and animal-welfare events

Position requirements include:
• A genuine interest in animal welfare
• Ability to interact professionally and effectively through verbal and written communication
• Ability to hire, train, develop, manage and motivate a team through effective management
• Independently prioritize and accomplish multiple management tasks

Prior Experience:
• A working knowledge of general business practices (and) strong organizational skills
• In addition to having a professional appearance and demeanor, the applicant must also demonstrate a keen and genuine interest in all kinds of animals

Other positions include Operations Manager and Assistant Store Manager; check out the PetCo website for more information and/or to apply.
I think it would be rather fun to work around animals, at least for a while…visiting the little turtles, chuckling at the silliness of the ferrets, trying to get the birds to talk, and “awww!”-ing at the tiny mice and hamsters.
But then the “happy furry fun” aspect begins to fade as reality sets in, and you would have to deal with sick and dead animals, too, and that would probably be a deal-breaker for a lot of people. I salute all of the folks who work with animals — at the pet stores, the vet clinics, and the animal-welfare agencies. They are strong people.
But for someone with the right (and realistic) attitude, working at a place like PetCo could be perfect.


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