Molly B Update

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I’m sure most of you remember The Unsinkable Molly B, the spirited bovine who led the authorities on a merry chase through the streets – and river! – of Great Falls back in January 2006. Thanks to her spunky spirit, she escaped the butcher’s blade and is now living a care-free life up in Niarada in the NW corner of Montana. She even has a boyfriend (cow-friend? bull-friend?):

Twenty of her pasture-mates made headlines of their own in Pennsylvania, surviving a crash where the tractor-trailer in which they were riding overturned. But Molly has sized up the group and cast her lot with “Baby,” a big Holstein. The two are rarely separated. “You find Baby, and you’ll usually find Molly B.,” says Brian Warrington of the sanctuary. “She buddied up to him real quick.”

Hearty thanks to the good folks at the Montana Large Animal Sanctuary & Rescue for taking Molly in – looks like a great organization devoted to caring for large critters that need some help & love. Among their residents: goats, camels, llamas, and even turkeys! Might be cool to drop a few bucks in the bucket for the MLASR.


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