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It’s been a long time since I hawked my cheesy wares, so let’s take a look at what’s for sale in the Greater Falls shop at Cafe Press:

Greater Falls Tee-Shirts!

Besides a new style of “I Love Great Falls!” shirts and hat, I’ve added another one: the No Coal Plant shirt!

As mentioned a few times before, I originally was a “soft” supporter of the coal plant, but after following the continuing saga over at GeeGuy’s & GF Girl’s blogs, I think that I could be called a “soft” opponent of it. I don’t oppose the coal plant on the grounds that most opponents do; I honestly don’t think the environmental impact of the coal plant amounts to much, certainly not enough to worry about or halt development…but I’m increasingly concerned about (a) the costs of the plant, (b) the oversight and management of the entire project, and (c) the lack of “forthrightness” on the part of city officials. Hence the tee-shirt, which reads: “Screw The Environment…I Just Want My Money Back!”

So there you go. If you love Great Falls and want to showcase some of the neat stuff in our community – or want to let folks know how you feel about the coal plant – check it out!


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