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It’s always interesting to read and hear what people think of Great Falls: new residents, tourists, and such. For instance, Blogger Bates and her family recently moved here from Utah, and here are a few of her observations:

So here are some things I like so far about Great Falls:
* Wal*Mart—The store here is so much better and less trashy that I can’t even describe it in words.
* The River—I’m happy there is a big river that goes through this town.
* The Farmers Market—We’ve only gone once but it was enjoyable!

And here are some things I just find plain interesting about GF:
* ATVs on the street—It’s not uncommon to see four wheelers, dune buggies, and other ATVs cruising along the regular roads.
* Everyone has a Canadian accent.
* EVERYONE has a tattoo, and some kind of body piercing—At the pool, I swear I didn’t see one adult that didn’t have a tattoo, a belly ring, or a facial piercing. It’s no big deal, I’m just not used to seeing it in such profusion.

OK, folks, settle down and quit laughing; so many people love to complain about Wal-Mart, so isn’t it good to see that some people admit that they appreciate it?
And Christina and her family made a return visit to Great Falls after many years away; their visit was tinged with nostalgia and one very happy memory:

We made a stop at the mall where we spent much of our time. One of the big highlights of Great Falls. One of the big things to do. It was pretty cool though that my favorite Gyro place of all time was still there. So we all had to have gyros for lunch. It was as good as I remember it.

Yep – that would be Little Athens! I love the gyros, too!

Some other visitors to Great Falls include Chuck back in 2007, who enjoyed biking along the River’s Edge Trail; and Biker Chick was here to experience the Montana HOG festival last week. And don’t forget the visit to Great Falls by Jack Velvet and Miss Pinky last month!

UPDATE: Blogger Bates has closed her blog to the general public; while I’m a bit saddened by her decision, I do understand – some people blog primarily to share family information with distant relatives, and want to keep their space private. Thanks for offering some a newcomer’s perspective on our community, Jamie!



  1. nice little post you got here. it seems to have brought several visitors to my blog. i don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. just for the record, i wasn’t mocking this fine city. it fact, it’s actually really nice. i wasn’t kidding about the wal*mart either. where i used to live, the wal*mart was so ghetto that i would avoid it as much as i possibly could. don’t laugh at me. 🙂

  2. David, it looks like Jamie closed her blog to the public.

    I didn’t think she was mocking us. I thought her post was nice, well written and interesting. I hope none of the referrals were rude to her.

  3. yes, after some consideration i decided to make my blog private. but, if you want to continue reading my blog, i will be more than happy to invite you. just let me know. since i am posting pictures and personal things about our lives, i just want to have more control over who has access to that information. with that said, i don’t mind outsiders looking, i just want to know who you are!

  4. I would like an invite, Jamie. I don’t want to snoop on your personal information, but I am interested in your endeavors in our town, and I would like to continue my offer of assistance getting settled.

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