Great Falls Highlights

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OK, gang, time to put on your thinking caps and put our collective best foot forward! I got an e-mail from a nice guy who lives in Canada; he loves Great Falls and will be visiting in late July with his fiancee, and wants her to love our community as much as he does!

I’m a born and bred Albertan and have visited and stayed in Great Falls a dozen odd times since I was a youngster. Great Falls was always a destination on family road trips…we all fell in love with the city.
So, my fiance and I are taking a road trip this July…and I convinced her to go to Great Falls for two and a half days. Obviously I’m thrilled to return to the city I’ve enjoyed so much, but I’m a little hesitant in regards to my girlfriend. We’ve gone traveling together in the past, mainly to very tourist-friendly locations (New York, Vegas, etc.) so when she asks me what there is to do in Great Falls, well, I just sort of shrug and say “stuff”. My family always took me shopping, eating at the local fast food joints, and doing everyday stuff that I’m sure many Great Falls residents do. I’ve looked on the Net and asides from taking her shopping and most likely a stop at the Sip N’ Dip, is there anything else I can show her that would knock her socks off? As I said before, I love Great Falls and have always planned on relocating there if I ever got the chance. I want my fiance to love the city as much as me, so what should I show her? We will be there July 25 to 27. We’re both young-ish (mid 20s) and fairly active, but not quite outdoorsy people. Feel free to ask the many, informative readers of your blog for any suggestions.
Love the blog and hope to hear some suggestions.

So what advice do we give to the happy couple? The Sip-n-Dip is a no-brainer, but what other sights, attractions, and events should we highlight? I recommend a late dinner at Eddie’s Supper Club, a visit to Paris Gibson Square and Giant Springs State Park, find some unique trinkets or collectibles at Homestead Treasures, and breakfast at either Tracy’s Diner or the Park-n-Ponder. But that’s just my two cents…this is the time for all of you commenters to shine – tell us what you think they should see!



  1. Since they are younger and may decide to have children or may already have, Children’s Museum is great to show the communities support of families.

    Pulse GF has their weekly at Machinery Row the day they arrive.

    The Fair should be going on that weekend to show the fun of MT style horse racing, and a rodeo.

    Saturday morning gotta see the Farmers Market.

  2. I brought my wife & 2 children to “Eddie’s” 2 weeks ago. We have enjoyed many meals there with a nice, quiet atmosphere. This last time, & I do mean LAST time we went, we were the only people in the Dining area. We ordered our usual, the King Campfire steak, which is usually great. This time however, we pulled up & the cooks & dishwashers were outside having a cigarette. When we finally got noticed by the waitress, she took our order & we never seen anybody again for 45 minutes. I finally went to find somebody, they were surprised(they said they did not know we were there?!!) Long story short it took another 30 minutes & alot of water to drink, before we got our meal. It was terrible!! Cold (Rare) steak, which was suppose to be Medium-Well. Terrible service & just all around didnt give a shit about us. We left & most likely won’t be going back again.

  3. This would be a good time to visit Ryan Dam & island! I would recommend squeezing in the CM Russell Museum. Walk a bit on the river’s edge trail & view the city from the visitor’s center or up by the airport!

  4. The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center always has activities going on and maybe the Voyagers will be home during their visit.

    The First Peoples Buffalo Jump, formerly, the Ulm Pishkun, is very interesting and offers the opportunity for a hike to the top for a great view.

  5. I’d try the State Fair, Memorial Falls with lunch at the Lazy Doe or Cub’s Den, bike riding on the trail (go waaay out), and beers at the Brew Pub in Belt.

  6. Dave,

    I have only been to GTF a few times and I was going to offer the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center but I was wondering if the place you always seem so giddy about with the ducks and geese has been mentioned?

    Then again why don’t you find out exactly when they’ll be in town and invite them to a blog meet.

    I can’t think of a better way to “knock her socks off” than to have them mix and mingle with some of Great Falls more infamous “in crowd.”

    Don’t forget to buy her more socks to replace those you knock off. 😉

  7. BigSkyStateOfMind on

    I definitely agree with all of the above mentioned things…although my last experience at Eddie’s was marginal as well (I’m 24 and have been going all my life, this was the 1st/only bad time that I remember). Anyway, I’d check out Alive @ 5 (if they’re here on a Thursday), and the Montana Sub Shop for some AWESOME sammies. I like GeeGuy’s idea too – Memorial Falls and Lazy Doe or Cub’s Den. You definitely don’t have to be real outdoorsy for the short walk to the falls. I’d say it would be well worth it.

  8. I second Ryan Dam and the island. We went when we were last home two years ago and it was so nice to see how beautifully kept it is. Then there’s going up to Fort Benton.

    The Russell of course. Our kids always love the Fish Hatchery at Giant Springs, too. Maybe a drive up the river and into the mountains (which can include the Pishkun).

    We’re all looking forward to being there again in mid-August. The children are making lists of where they want to go like Gibson Park and the Park and Ponder; down to Helena for the merry-go-round and the Parrot.

  9. Hey, thanks for all the great suggestions. I’m going to try and take in as many sights and events as possible in our, unfortunately, brief stay. I’ll most definitely drop everyone a line after our trip and let you know how it all went down. Thanks again.

  10. LeAnne (Moe) Neel on

    I’m bringing my son with me in July for my big summer trip back home and I am so excited, he’s going to Love it. We’re planning on going to the fair of course, fishing, tubing Belt creek, and just hanging out in town. Taking him to all the local greats like taco treat, zandy’s. Can’t wait.

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