Goode’s Q & Bayou Grill

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We enjoyed dinner at the new Goode’s Q & Bayou Grill this evening. Here’s the Good, The Bad, & The Ugly, in reverse order:

The Ugly: we had to wait an hour from the time we entered until the time our food was served. The reason: the place was PACKED – not an empty seat to be found! Granted, it is a small restaurant, but I’ve never seen that building so full. Everybody was in the same boat as we were – it took a while for everyone to get their food, but no one really seemed to mind. And in the first week of serving dinner, I understand that the crew was still trying to find their “rhythm.”
The Bad: well, there wasn’t really any bad, except that they had already run out of crawfish. And it was sorta Bad that it was hard to choose from the amazingly large menu! Seriously – there’s something on there for everybody: cajun, seafood, vegetarian, brisket, chicken, prime rib, appetizers…you name it, they’ve probably got it.
The Good: the food! I (duh) sampled a bacon cheeseburger – usually my initial sampling at any new eatery, as it is usually a decent indicator of overall quality. I was not disappointed; three stars out of four. And Krista enjoyed the seafood gumbo, and said that it was definitely worth going back for! And the staff was quite friendly and helpful, albeit a bit (understandably) harried.
I poked my head into the kitchen a couple of times and saw the Goode brothers and their staff working hard, but they looked like they were in heaven; these guys love what they’re doing.

Overall: we were impressed and will be back to sample more of the “Q” grill!

Goode’s Q & Bayou Grill
613 15th Street North; 406-761-5855
Sunday thru Tuesday: 6:30 am to 2:30 pm
Wednesday thru Saturday: 6:30 am to 8:30 pm

Which reminds me: I got a very nice e-mail from Patti the other day:

Thanks to your blog, a few of us are going to try Goode’s restaurant tomorrow. We intend to be regular visitors to your site – keep up the good work! For some of us, we may never have learned of your site without Josh. And, for that – amongst other things – we will always be thankful to him.

First, thank you very much, Patti – it really means a lot to me that people appreciate my blog. And second, we look forward to hearing what you & your crew have to say about Goode’s Q & Bayou Grill!



  1. I went for lunch at 12:30 on Wednesday. I should’ve gotten a hint when the parking lot was full … and even several spots on the street. Into Goode’s and the first thing off, I smelled very appealing barbecue. Uh-oh. Now getting the feel of things and there were NO seats. There was already a party waiting in front of me, so I decided to try another day –maybe arriving at 11:30 and hope for better luck. Isn’t it great to see such great support for the new biz?

  2. If you want someone to blame for the ugly and the bad, blame the Great Falls Tribune. Goode’s was easy to get into and out of until last week when the Tribune decided to destroy the experience. Ever since the Tribune ran an article about Goode’s last weekend, it has been jammed.

    I hope the Tribune thinks twice about that before running more articles about local businesses.

  3. Easy there, Jocko — I’d wager that the folks at Goode’s really appreciated the article by the Trib…and once the initial rush dies down, it will probably be a bit easier to get in. In the meantime, don’t spoil the fun — let the Goode family revel in their success!

  4. Hello Greater Falls,
    The blog looks excellent, love the new look. I am so sad not to be able to experience this new eatery, sounds delish. You are doing a great job and I am inspired each time I visit. I should perhaps switch my focus to a blog about Everson WA where I live instead of my neurotic ramblings about my feelings. You raise the bar, keep it up!

  5. Jocko,

    Unless you know otherwise, it’s possible Goode’s contacted the Tribune themselves and asked for the story. (I know, because I’ve done it).

    Kudos to the Tribune for offering this service for new businesses.

  6. just had lunch, and again, an excellent meal at goode’s!! harold knows his way with food. have tried several different dishes,never been disappointed and always walk away stuffed. thank you for giving great falls a great place to eat and enjoy!!

  7. Sorry to say but nothing but dissapointment.
    Went there a week ago on Friday for dinner, place was packed, wife and I got the last table in the house. We were seated by the waitress who then just dissapeared and we didn’t even get the menu until 35 minutes later when we managed to get the attention of another waitress. No refills on soft drink, coffee, or water was offered at any time before during or after our meal. I was given the wrong dish and when I finally received my seafood gumbo, well let’s just say it was simply bland. I truly expected something more flavorful. The wife ordered the Fried Q Platter, loved the cole slaw, dirty rice, hush puppies and the catfish, thought the fried oysters and the fried shrimp were OK but was overall pleased with the meal itself.
    We were rather dissapointed with the level of service provided during our visit but wrote it off to the fact that the place was filled to capacity so we decided we would other shot and had dinner again this past Saturday.
    And we thought it couln’t get any worse.
    First off, we arrived at 5:20 pm, place was nearly empty, 3 more tables occupied with a couple people each . We were seated (by a different waitress then last time) given a small cup of ice water, ordered our drinks (coffee and soda) and didn’t get to see the waitress – yet again – for another 40 minutes when she brought out our food. During our rather long wait we finished our water, coffee and soda and once again NO refills offered at any time. It seems that if you’d like a refill at Goode’s you need to track down (and I mean track down) a waitress yourself.
    My wife had the BBQ Trio platter and although she said that the meat was very tasty this time the rice was cold, the cole slaw was limp (the little dish it came in was only half full this time) and the corn the menu promised was nowhere to be found. I had the blackened chicken with pasta and found it to be OK…nothing special really. At least this time it wasn’t totally bland. The one thing that we did find to be consistent at Goode’s is the incredibly bad service. There is absolutely no excuse for bad service like this when there are 2 waitresses taking care of 4 tables. We enjoy having a conversation while waiting for our food and don’t want to have to sit there and literally be on the look out for a waitress so we don’t miss her during her very short appearance in the dining room.
    Needless to say we were so disgusted with this second visit to Goode’s that we agreed NOT to return to Goode’s ever again.
    Although the food is somewhat unique, especially for around here, it’s not really good enough to make us look past the service or lack thereof we received both times we went there. As I am writing this my wife is writing a letter to Mr. Goode to let him know of our worst dining experience in GF yet.

  8. I visited here for the first time last week and LOVED it! Wonderful and delicious…. Definitely the best of Great Falls. Although… I do have to say the service wasn’t too great. The waitress was slow and didn’t come back after seating us for quite some time. She did look like the only waitress there so maybe they need to hire another… Or get a new one! This poor service could discourage people from enjoying some fantastic food! Get a new waitress;)

  9. Admittedly, I acquired a taste for Cajun food from my mom’s cooking. It wasn’t that she could cook ‘real Cajun’ but because she had a knack of ‘blackening’ every meat she ever attempted to cook. On the years she hosted Thanksgiving dinner for the extended family, her Christmas stocking often consisted of kitchen timers and turkey basters.

    I used to eat at the place when it was Frank’s or Frankie’s because they had decent food. Then when it went out of business and became a Cajun restaurant, I decided to give it a try. The first thing I actually ever ate there was a simple hamburger. Why a burger at a Cajun place? Simple: You can always tell if a restaurant is worth eating at by having them prepare the simplest thing on the menu. I’ve eaten at places that can really screw up something as simple as a hamburger (CATIN’S), but I’ve never eaten anywhere that could IMPROVE a burger like Goode’s Q. I’m not sure if it’s some sort of seasoning or if it’s the wood in the BBQ grill they use, but even their burgers have a great ‘smokehouse’ flavor. And for less than $8 for the flame-kissed smokehouse burger and battered fries, it’s a no-brainer.

    Impressed by their ability to cook what I deem as ‘The Best Burger in Great Falls’ I experimented with other plates and found myself really enjoying the Blackened Shrimp Salad w/ Raspberry dressing and the BBQ Trio. Other co-workers have had po’boys and pulled pork sandwiches and I’ve yet to hear anything but praise for the flavorful food. One interesting side that they seemed to have dropped, but I wish they would bring back is the Dirty Corn because sweet and just a little zesty at the same time.

    I’ll admit that during the first frantic couple of weeks it did take me roughly an hour to get the food I ordered. However, the staff and the owners were very polite and apologetic, and those of us at the counter received occasional complimentary appetizers and drinks. I remember as I walked in, another older, very snobbish couple seemed to be outright insulted that they were made to wait for a whole half-hour before getting their food.

    Maybe their noses were pointed too high on their arrival that they didn’t see the other 50 cars crammed into the small parking lot…

    The owner was very polite and offered them a free meal if they so chose to return. I’ve had several conversations with one of the owners of Goode’s Q (I believe he remembers me from being one of his countertop customers from his opening weekend) but he is a very hospitable and genuinely friendly fellow.

    The ambiance of the restaurant is fitting. Some light bluegrass and New Orleans-style jazz really keep a mellow and welcoming atmosphere. The décor isn’t as appealing to me as, say, the 3D International (another great eating spot), but it fits the theme of the restaurant and of its food.

    The only thing I would criticize about Goode’s Q is the small parking lot and the amount of people it can seat. I have yet to see Goode’s Q during dining hours, but during lunches it can be occasionally tight.

    Now nearly a year later, the lines have become more stable, the orders are more timely, but the food hasn’t lost its flair.

  10. My family and I have eaten at Goode’s often in the past two years.
    The servers, while not speedy are friendly, and we are usually more than happy to wait for such excellent food. While I am not a fan of the seafood dishes, my husband and Mother-in-law and I LOVE everything that they have tried.
    I have never had a bad experience at Goode’s. The owners are wonderful. If they are not in the kitchen, or out at the smoker, they are cruising around the dining room, and making sure that everyone is enjoying their meal.
    Even our out of town guests who are from much larger cities, request to go back when they visit us again.
    Thank you to the Goode family for bringing such a wonderful establishment to Great Falls.

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