Greatest Hits 2008

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As part of the site redesign a few days ago, I installed a plugin that highlights the blog entries that have generated the most comments, and thought you might enjoy the list of “greatest hits” so far in 2008.

Local Flavor: focusing on the eateries around Great Falls that are cherished by GF natives, but not necessarily by transplants (think Taco Treat). 28 comments so far.

RIP, Joshua: the condolences entry for Joshua, the mascot of the Triple Crown Motor Inn. What a pup – it’s wonderful to see how loved he was. 26 comments so far.

Health Food Cafe Logo: this one generated a lot of heat as commenters talked about the art itself, possible copyright infringement, and even a visit from the owner of the Cafe. 22 comments so far.

Downtown Albertson’s Closing, the June Snow entry, and BOLO all have 12 comments so far.

And finally, the mystery of the “We Make Contact” signs and UFO videos around town and online sparked plenty of speculation, and lots of comments. We Make Contact – With What?: 22 comments so far; Analysis Of The Invasion 18 comments; More Contact Intel 15 comments. Taken together, the “Invasion” series is far and away the winner with 55 comments, albeit spread out over several blog entries.

Believe me, comments are the lifeblood of a blog, and you guys make this fun with your smart, funny, touching, and even snarky comments. I can sit here and ramble, rave, and rant day after day, but without you guys stopping by and leaving your opinions in the comments, it would be a pretty dull place. Thanks for making this so fun, everyone!


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