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Wow, lots of stuff going on…first some good news from Aaron: the grocery store formerly known as the Downtown Albertson’s (on 1st Ave N and 7th Street) will soon be open for business again under the IGA banner! And Aaron reminds us over at Cataract City that YOU helped to make it happen – seriously. Good job, everyone!

– Didja catch GeeGuy on the KFBB news? A brief article about his quest to find out the what/why/etc of the coal-fired Highwood Generating Station – well done, GeeGuy. If the code on the HGS is ever cracked, we’ll have you to thank for leading the charge.

Neighborhood Council #4 will be meeting on Thursday at 6:30pm at Heritage Baptist Church (900 52nd Street North); topics will include problem properties, disorderly premise ordinance (with GFPD officer Noah Scott), the property near 900 52nd Street South, and other neighborhood concerns.

– Speaking of neighbors and neighborhoods…be sure to read what Firefly has to say about living in Great Falls, and why she appreciates it. Words of wisdom, and I wholeheartedly agree.


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