Joshua The Dachschund

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Finally got a picture of Joshua, courtesy of Shane – thanks.

Josh At Gibson Park.jpgI want to thank you for giving Josh’s friends a venue to post comments about him, we are all grieving his passing in our own way. He was very special. I finally found a picture I took of him a couple of years ago when I took him to Gibson Park for a walk one summer day. Its not the best, but its the only one I have of him.

And I decided to edit the comment from Chris in the original Joshua entry; it was mean-spirited and causing unnecessary grief for the folks who loved Josh.

UPDATE: comments on this entry have been closed; please leave any comments about Joshua in the RIP Joshua entry.



  1. Davidene:

    Allow me to convey to you and your staff at the Triple Crown Motor Inn my sincere condolences for the loss of Joshua. In the hearts of all who knew him, his memory lives. May you find strength and comfort to help you through this time of sorrow.

    In the days and weeks to come, grief may cause you to find many of the routine tasks of life difficult to perform. It is during these times that I as your friend would be glad to help. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. I was extremely despaired to learn of your beloved Joshua’s death. He was a gentle, warm and loving little pup who was always ready to spread joy to anyone.

    I remember those days where I would come over to your house for dinner and how he would make me feel at home, and make me laugh all night with his crazy antics. Those were the days by which I will always remember Joshua.

    Please accept my sincerest sympathy.

  3. Words seem inadequate to express the sadness I feel about the recent death of your beloved mascot, Joshua.

    As you grieve know that I am remembering you and honoring the memory of Josh.

    I am here to support you in your grieving process.

    With sincere sympathy.

  4. Allow me to express my profound sympathy in your loss.

    As one of Joshua’s many dogsitters and walkers over the last ten years, I came to see him as a character, as a clown, and as a giver of unconditional love. He never gave less than unqualified acceptance of others – giving so much joy to all that knew him, and asking for nothing in return. Joshua will live forever in our minds and hearts.

    Should there be anything I, as your friend, can do to alleviate your grief and pain, please call at any time.


  5. Davidene … The pain never truly goes away from losing someone as special as your little friend, Joshua. It just gets smaller and condensed, tucked away in a corner somewhere in the deep recesses of the heart. There it remains at a constant low level ache, which with time may be overridden.

    There may be times when a site, a smell, a place, or birthday will trigger your old memories of Joshua, and the intensity of the grief and loss will return again. These feelings will arrive without warning and can be just as painful making you feel as though Joshua just passed away.

    It is times like this that I most feel the physical distance that separates me from you; as much as I enjoy our correspondence, it would be so much better if I could convey my condolences in person. But at the very least I want you to know that I am out here and care and still waiting to welcome you back to Los Angeles where you belong.

    Please let me know if there is anything I can do.

  6. Animal companions are truly special and Joshua was no exception. He was not only an animal companion to you, but I felt as if he allowed me to be part of his life in a very special way, too.

    He certainly treated me like I was a member of the “Joshua Family”, and I will always remember his playfulness, welcoming spirit, and loving kisses when I felt down.

    I will miss him dearly as I know you will.

  7. Words can hardly come close to expressing what I feel for you… But even if we’re oceans apart, I want you to know that I am here for you with my heart open as I embrace you with solace in this ultimate moment of pain, loss and grief.

    We all miss Joshua, and the knowledge that you are trying to transition and transform into higher grounds and realms of being and consciousness gives us hope and calms our deepest fears and heart aches.

    My deepest sympathy!

  8. Davidene:

    I can only imagine how upset you are that Joshua died. He was always a special joy to you following you everywhere, providing you with many enjoyable hours of companionship, love and playfulness (oh, how he loved to play “Barney”) – what a joy he was to all that knew him.

    We are truly blessed to have known him and to be lucky enough to have been a member of the “Joshua Fan Club” – what a special, special little boy!

    I’ll miss that cute little guy too.

  9. Davidene: When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight – Joshua! After all, as you said many times … Josh was the love of your life.

    Rejoice in your memories of him!


  10. I find it difficult to talk about Joshua, oh how I loved that little guy! It’s sad checking-into the Triple Crown and not seeing him on duty behind the front desk, or having him come out into the lobby to greet me … the motel isn’t the same without him. The spirit and soul of the Triple Crown died with Joshua, and the staff knows it.

    Davidene, you will miss Joshua, I know, and it is with the greatest sympathy that I post this short note to you in your time of sorrow.

  11. Dogs are like angels set upon this earth to guide us through thick and thin. Your beloved friend, Joshua was one of these angels who stood beside you throughout the years never asking for anything in return … well, except for an occasional chicken jerky strip or a rousing game of “Barney”.

    He will be sadly missed, but his companionship, kindness and unconditional love will be part of your spirit now as you go forward in your life.

    My deepest sympathy for your loss of your best friend, Joshua.


  12. It is really difficult to find any words that are likely to be of comfort at this terrible time for you, Davidene.

    My deep condolences on your beloved Joshua’s’ death on June 3, 2008. All my prayers are with you and your staff at the Triple Crown Motor Inn that loved him, too.

  13. So sad to check-in at the Triple Crown last night and learn their darling little mascot, Joshua recently passed away.

    I extend my heartfelt condolences to the staff of the Triple Crown over their loss. The motel will never be the same without him … Joshua is irreplaceable.


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