The Heart of Montana

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Back in February 2006, the Tribune was looking for nicknames for Great Falls. My suggestion was “The Heart of Montana”:

My submission was “The Heart Of Montana,” because it seems to me that Great Falls really does embody much of what makes Montana great, and of course our relatively central location lends weight to being called “the heart” of the state. Our fair community is directly between the majestic Rockies and the sweeping plains; mostly between Canada and America; and definitely between urban and rural. All of these things go to the “heart” of what Montana is all about. Also: the friendliest, most honest people I’ve ever met – that surely speaks to our collective “heart.” So instead of focusing solely on a single physical characteristic of our city (river, wind, etc), maybe we should focus on what makes our city truly great: the spirit and the nature of our people, which in turn makes our location and our decision to live here so positive. We’ve taken the best of what we have around us – sun, wind, sky, land – and made it into an incredible community. The Heart of Montana.

And a few days ago, I stumbled across a site called – can you guess? – yep, “Great Falls, The Heart of Montana!” I don’t how long the site has been “live,” but the domain name was registered in October 2006. The owner? Gannett, the company that owns the Tribune. The reason? “It’s just about the dead center of this big, sprawling state. It’s close to where the mountains lift out of the great plains, and it’s where parched prairie meets water.”
Hey, I’m not saying the Trib stole my suggestion and ran with it…I’m sure lots of people consider Great Falls to be the Heart of Montana. But it’s sorta fun to pretend that a big, evil, soulless corporate empire ripped off an idea from a humble blogger.
And would it have killed them to link to on their “internet resources” page?



  1. When I was in third grade I wrote a story for extra credit about a devil-may-care space pilot and his giant furry sidekick. Four years before Star Wars. I blame George Lucas.

  2. That was the brainchild of the former Chamber President. Someone must have thought The Electric City wasn’t touristy enough.

    Funny to see it now…

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