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Some sad news: I heard that Monty’s A Taste Of The West, the restaurant on Fox Farm & 10th Avenue South that used to be Elmer’s, will be closing soon. No word on whether it will become another restaurant. With so much new competition just around the corner, I think that location is doomed, unless Denny’s or IHOP takes over.

On a more positive note, Rob notes that Cold Stone Creamery will be opening in the Marketplace soon. Never heard of it, but it sure sounds cool (pun – get it?).

How about a free violin concert from an internationally-known musician? Lior Kaminetsky will be performing in Great Falls tomorrow (Wednesday) at the YWCA. GF Girl has the details.

GF Scanner is selling a ’97 Dodge Neon; good on mileage.

This is one of the cool things about having a community blog. We now understand who Joshua was, and are able to appreciate how much he meant to some folks.

Looking for someone to mow a couple of yards and possibly remove some downed tree limbs. Do you know a cash-hungry teen interested in earning a few bucks? Let me know.



  1. You’ve never heard of Cold Stone Creamery??? I’m really surprised, actually. Missoula has one, too. They are all over the country — very good ice cream joint.

  2. I too am surprised you hadn’t heard of it, Dave. Although I am going to vote on the other side of Rob on the ice cream. To me the money’s all in the presentation and gimmick. You can get better ice cream at the local grocery store.

  3. The crew singing is real corny but that’s the price to pay for overpriced ice cream. Not sure how it will survive in GF.

  4. I have a cash hungry Pre-teen 😛 He does labor and is saving up for out trip to Seattle! It’s his first year going with us and wants to buy some gifts for his friends and stuff for himself while we are there..So if anyone has any kind of odds and ends jobs that’d be awesome.

  5. Yah, you can find ice cream in the store that is as good or better (depending on personal preferences) than Cold Stone. But the same can be said about Baskin Robin’s and they do well.

    Cold Stone’s traditionally do very well wherever they are placed. We don’t have that kind of ice cream store here in town so I think it’ll do well. A direct competitor is Maggie Moo’s.

    Baskin Robin’s doesn’t really compare because they don’t mix the items into the ice cream right there on the **get this** cold stone.

  6. Cold Stone is very good, but also pricey. It’ll cost you 5-6 bucks for an ice cream. It is awesome, and expect lines out the door far after the grand opening.

  7. Who doesn’t have a cash hungry teen?? I have two 🙁 Atleast one has a full time job! The other is only here for the summer to visit….

  8. Cold Stone is VERY pricey. I’m sad about the restaurant. I was very devastated when my favorite restaurant all my life closed last December – the Lamplighter in Butte.

  9. “skewed” pro-forma figures…That has a local ring to it.

    Cold Stone Creamery has a failed business model in parallel with City of Great Fall’s Electric City Power. An example in how to run in the red with grandiose promises of spending your way out of the hole way……………down the road.

    Meanwhile Kahala Corporation(SME)continues to make money off their franchisees signing the tune of just hang in there, the cost of ice cream (electric power) will come down.

    Simple economics at work. Good luck Gruntowicz family.

  10. Boy, I think a Denney’s or IHOP at the old Elmer’s location would do such great business, you’d have to “pick a number” to get in.

  11. Yah, that article doesn’t cast a great light on the Cold Stone franchise. I wish it the best of luck here in town — I know we’ll go there.

    I also agree that an IHOP would do well here. Of course that’s without doing any formal data gathering or analysis. I just don’t think we have a lot of great breakfast places to chose from.

  12. I’ve been out of the loop since I left GF–I didn’t even know Elmer’s wasn’t there anymore. I have to go to GF for work for a couple days in August and I was already thinking of Elmer’s fish & chips….. bummer.

  13. Boo for Ihop or Dennys. Most coldstones here in Phoenix have closed down. They are good but who wants to pay over $5 a pint just to watch some kid mix stuff in it for you. Listen to this chef born in Great Falls and raised in Phoenix “bring back Elmers!” I know this won’t help. I can still think about Burgermaster and Elmers and recreate to the best of my abilty.

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