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First: according to the local news folks, yesterday’s snow topped out at about 6.8 inches, which made it the second-biggest June snow storm in Great Falls ever recorded. Think we also set a mid-June record with a temp of 32 degrees.
And now…a collection of things that have been waiting patiently to be released into the wild:

3101 Ivy Drive: this is how I like to see real estate done – with a dedicated website for a property! Mind you, this isn’t just any house – this is the nifty concrete gig up on the hill; over 6,700 square feet and a bargain at under a million!

– Edward K is looking for the person who sold him a little red corvette in Great Falls. Sing it with me now: “Baby you’re much too fast…”

– Didja know that there’s an amateur radio club in GF?

– My thoughts about potential Vice-Presidential picks. You got any better ideas?

And here’s today’s trivia question: “As you survey your outback, you’re overwhelmed by the large expanse of grass to mow…” If you spend any time listening to KQDI (1450 AM), or even KEIN (1310 AM), you should be able to tell me what local business has been running a commercial that opens with that line. Any takers?


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