Retro: Buttrey’s

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I’m disappointed: only ONE person left a comment to guess about the Retro picture! So either nobody cared, or nobody (except GeeGuy) was brave enough to venture a guess. The answer is: Buttrey’s! Check out this ad from 1964:


Although I arrived in Great Falls a few years after Buttrey’s was transformed into Albertson’s, Smith’s and a few other names, I still hear people refer to the once thriving chain. Did you know that Buttrey’s even branched out into radio and television? Yep – the FBB in “KFBB” stands for Frank Buttrey Broadcast.

How many of you remember Buttrey’s?

UPDATE: Heh…got an e-mail from a field agent:

I read your Buttrey’s item, and had a reply that I thought might not be altogether suitable for your comments section, but which I thought you might find amusing nonetheless. In November of the last year or so of Buttrey’s existence as Buttrey’s, a joke was going around town that if you dialed 1-800-BUTTREY, you’d be entered in a drawing for a free Thanksgiving turkey. Turns out that the people who actually dialed it got a nasty surprise: since different letters occupy the same numbers on the keypad, the number dialed also corresponded to 1-800-BUTTSEX, which was the real number. No, I didn’t fall for it. But I almost did!

So did any of YOU try calling that number…?



  1. Remember it? Heck, I lived it…my first real job in high school was working at the Buttrey’s in Helena. I still have traumatic flashbacks. Love the old advertising; they used to do a lot of it right here in Great Falls at corporate H.Q.

  2. I couldn’t think what store it was… but I remember Buttrey’s. It was our favourite grocery store in Great Falls. The meat was fresh, the produce was good, and the bread was WONDERFUL.

    Sad to hear it’s gone away. So many of the good old stores are gone. 🙁


  3. We still call the supermarket on 13th and Grand “Buttreys.” That was our neighborhood grocery store, and was in the Buttrey’s Shopping Center. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  4. I moved to Great Falls in 1995 when Buttrey’s was still around. They had just launched their “Buttrey’s Big Fresh” look with the sun logo and I affectionately called it, “The Big Fresh Butt!” And of course, the small Buttrey’s downtown I called the “Little Butt!” I do miss “Montana’s Own…”

  5. I know this is several years old, but I remember Buttrey’s! We lived in Billings from ’79-’83, when I was between 10-14, and I can vividly remember shopping at Buttrey’s. It’s sad to hear that the name isn’t being used anymore.

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